Cold Grave of The Past

I have this thing for ice cream and female detectives, its reason enough for me to pick up a book–female detectives I mean. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that is the reason I picked Craig Robertson’s Cold Grave. All I saw was ‘Detective Rachel Narey’, I hardly glanced at the summary. Honestly, I wasn’t even supposed to have time to read but everyone has their guilty pleasure, yea?

This book is apparently the third in the Tony Winters series and as usual I had no idea about it until I finished the book. It posed no problem in following the story though.

I liked the fact that there was no unnecessary curves in the story progression, everything had a purpose. Although, I do admit it that I skipped some lengthy information here and there–I highly doubt I would be tested on those.

I had the notion that Rachel Narey was one of the main characters until I actually read the book. Throughout the book until near ending, she almost always appeared with Tony Winters. I wish I could have seen more of her. Also, I kept hearing about the type of person she was, however, I  couldn’t “see” it. I would have liked her to be more substantial. Tony Winters, on the other hand, what an interesting character. Reading about him, I was so conflicted. As a person, I am simply not sure how to look at a fellow person who has such obsession in the macabre. As a reader, as the person I am, I find it amusing, intriguing–I want to get into his head and analyse it in all sorts of angles. Should I be worried about myself now?


Back cover Insert: November 1993. Scotland is in the grip of an ice-cold winter and the Lake of Menteith is frozen over. A young man and woman walk across the ice to the historic island of Inchmahome which lies in the middle of the lake. Only the man returns.

In the spring, as staff prepare the abbey ruins for summer visitors, they discover the body of a girl, her skull violently crushed.

Present day. Retired detective Alan Narey is still haunted by the unsolved crime. Desperate to relieve her ailing father’s conscience, DS Rachel Narey risks her job and reputation by returning to the Lake of Menteith and unofficially reopening the cold case.

With the help of police photographer Tony Winter, Rachel prepares a dangerous gambit to uncover the killer’s identity – little knowing who that truly is. Despite the freezing temperatures the ice cold case begins to thaw, and with it a tide of secrets long frozen in time are suddenly and shockingly unleashed.

Cold Grave
Craig Robertson
Published 7 June 2012


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