In the Darkness–Inspector Sejer on Scene

I woke up, ate and went to bed, woke up again and was sorely tempted to fall back asleep. Have you guys ever had days like that? You sleep and you sleep and you sleep but end up waking up tired and sleepy. We’re either sleeping too much or lost too much sleep.

Anyway, this did not keep me from burning the midnight oil reading In the Darkness, the first in the Inspector Konrad Sejer series by Karin Fossum translated to English by James Anderson (God bless his soul).

I read the summary and was compelled to read the story. You’ll know why when you read the summary below (or maybe not, I don’t know). Thank Jesus, Allah, Krishna and Buddha for the anytime anywhere easily accessible Kindle. I got right to reading it.

As I was reading the first few pages, I was wondering if I had made the right decision. By the end of the story, I realized I hadn’t made the wrong decision.

I was uncertain about the transition from present to past in the beginning of the story because I wasn’t accustomed to this author’s writing style and didn’t want to make any assumptions. It got clearer as the story progressed. Also, the first few pages were more of a scene setting–the author paints a picture of her characters and the story set-up. As the story develops, we get to know more about Inspector Sejer and the kind of person he is. All the characters were well rooted except for Inspector Sejer’s colleagues–I have a slight suspicion that the latter was intended.

If there was something I had an issue that would be the amount of information–it was just too much at the ending for me.

I am not jumping to read the next book but will definitely pick it up sometime.


Goodreads Insert: Eva is walking by the river one afternoon when a body floats to the surface of the icy water. She tells her daughter to wait patiently while she calls the police, but when she reaches the phone box Eva dials another number altogether. The dead man, Egil, has been missing for months, and it doesn’t take long for Inspector Sejer and his team to establish that he was the victim of a very violent killer. But the trail has gone cold. It’s as puzzling as another unsolved case on Sejer’s desk: the murder of a prostitute who was found dead just before Egil went missing. While Sejer is trying to piece together the fragments of a seemingly impossible case, Eva gets a phone call late one night. A stranger speaks and then swiftly hangs up. Eva looks out into the darkness and listens. All is quiet.


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