Saturn’s Daughter, Wielder of Justice

Boyfriend from Hell by Jamie Quaid.

If I submitted one of my ancient assignment papers for publication, this is probably what it would look like. See, I had cracked the secret to meeting word counts–you take everything you’ve said and rephrase it a gazillion times through the paper giving off the feeling that you’ve said something new. This is just what Boyfriend from Hell felt like.

I am not even kidding you when I say the first 120+ plus pages were of Mary Justine (Tina) Clancy being in denial and repeating herself. I wanted to sock her. It was so repetitive it was awe-inspiring. I might not have realized it had I not employed the same tactics myself.

The concept is interesting, the characters, not so much. At the beginning of the book, the character change in Tina was so drastic. There was no sufficient back-drop or anything to justify this change and it was too unrealistic. Also, Tina talks about her libido so much, I just wanted to sic her on some guy and tell her to get it out of her system. I suppose Andre is supposed to be the partner for our heroine. All I see here is lust. On both sides. Then there is Max the ex-boyfriend, all I can see here is antagonism. I can’t even imagine Max and Tina being a couple.

Sarah is an interesting side character who I think adds a bit of color to the story. Otherwise, none of the characters were grounded, they were just people playing character roles assigned to them.

I am either becoming overly critical, my tastes have changed or I am picking up the wrong books.

At least I could get through the first book, the second one, half way through and I wanted to drop it. Literally. But I didn’t, I could almost imagine the unread pages taunting me. Andre and Tina are still tip-toeing around each other. Still, all I can see is lust, lust, lust.

While the concept is interesting, I don’t think I am going to stick around to see where this is going.


Goodreads Insert:

Boyfriend from Hell: They say justice is blind. But Justine isn’t.

Justine (Tina) Clancy is just an ordinary law student with a faulty arrest record, a part-time job in Baltimore’s radioactive Zone, and a family secret so bizarre even she doesn’t believe it. That is, until in a fit of fury she damns her boyfriend to hell—and it’s exactly where he ends up.

Much to her surprise, Tina is apparently one of Saturn’s daughters, with the power to wield vigilante justice. But poor Max didn’t deserve to go up in flames, even if he did almost run her over with her own car. Tina’s convinced someone cut the brakes—and now a relentless nemesis is stalking her through the Zone’s back alleys, where buildings glow, statues move, and chemical waste exposure comes with interesting consequences. Tina’s usually a loner, but now she needs a posse like no other: a shape-shifting kitten, an invisible thief, a biker gang, a snake-charming private detective, a well-meaning cop, and her sleazy, sexy boss. But in between freeing Max from hell, saving her own neck, and solving a mystery that threatens the Zone and her new-found friends, how is she ever going to study for finals?

Damn Him to Hell: Justice is blind. Justine isn’t. Book two in the Saturn’s Daughter series, in which Tina Clancy is gifted with the power to dispense justice…for good or evil.

Tina Clancy is adapting to her new life as one of Saturn’s Daughters while living in the toxic part of Baltimore known as The Zone, and occasionally acting as a champion of the downtrodden, the weird, the innocent…and the sometimes not-so-innocent.

Just when she finally lands a real law job, the Zone is blasted by poisonous gas and her sometimes-boyfriend starts receiving visitors from Hell. He’s none too pleased about that, or in Tina having sent his granny to Hell in his place. For that matter, neither is granny…


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