One Love

From the bench I saw him on the phone, his face breaking apart with that smile, his hands gesturing wildly, his feet constantly in motion. He glances at me; I force my lips to crack a smile. He barely notices. My tears leave a silent track across my cheeks.

With a haggard breath, I look away. I couldn’t for long; my eyes found him again.

Three months is too short a time to break free from three years of feelings. I wanted to scream my sorrow to the world but I will smile . . . because he does.



I always welcome people who read what I write, any perspective that is not mine is helpful. However, when it comes to publishing it on my blog, I ruminate on it for so long I can hear the dinosaurs waking up. What I’m trying to say is, your comments are much welcome and much more appreciated. Truly.


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