I’ve been trying to get the first book of the Kelly Jones series, The Tunnels by Michelle Gagnon for almost a year now to no avail. Recently I decided to give up on the search and read the book that was available to me and that is Boneyard, the second book in the Kelly Jones series.

Upon reading the summary, I had high expectations for this book. However, I am sad to say that it fell short of the expectations.

There was barely any character development. I had no insight as to the kind of character Kelly Jones is. I also found that the conversation between Monica and Zach were a bit fake. Like they were forced to play nice. Then there is the romance slipped into the midst of this saga. Jake and Kelly seemed a bit awkward and forced but that could be because I missed the first book.

All in all, I couldn’t care less about any of the characters.

There was no mystery to the story, it was plenty obvious who had done it from the get-go. This could be your first crime fiction and still you would see it. The story said too much. You know, sometimes when you’re waiting for your doctor to call you in and the stranger beside you decides to spill their life story to you but you don’t really want to hear about the time their toilet clogged up? That’s the feel I had about this story.

This book is just not my cup of coffee.


Goodreads Insert: FBI special agent Kelly Jones has never worked a case as disturbing as this: a mass grave unearthed on the appalachian Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line – from Massachusetts to Vermont, from a serial killer to a copycat nemesis.


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