The Girl Who Lost Herself

She was a beautiful girl with her big brown eyes, white teeth, flawless face and neat hair, not a strand out of place.  Her smile, oh when she smiled! It was radiance and you can’t help but smile with her. Her confidence was the size of the sky, you’d think she’ll sail between the clouds. Not a talker she was but when you got her going, her wit and wisdom would amaze you. Her believe in god was so great and so was her belief that great things await. She would hold you with all your tears and fears and love you with all her heart. But one day, some day, she faded away. The girl she was never to be.



I want to make this clear: when I say ‘she’ is beautiful and elaborate on her features here, I’m not actually saying that having these features is what makes her beautiful. I’m merely saying that ‘she’ happens to have these features. Hope that was clear enough.

To all you gorgeous people who dropped by, thank you!


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