The Girl Who Lost Herself

She was a beautiful girl with her big brown eyes, white teeth, flawless face and neat hair, not a strand out of place.  Her smile, oh when she smiled! It was radiance and you can’t help but smile with her. Her confidence was the size of the sky, you’d think she’ll sail between the clouds….


I once was lost. Wandering in the darkness, trying to find my place. One, two, three step There is light ahead. Four, five, six step It is too far ahead Seven, eight, nine step Its gone further away Ten step I am lost again.


She sits with tears enslaved in her eyes. The words of her father shoot an arrow of shock through her, shaking up a tsunami of emotions. Disappointment, sorrow and anger, the strongest of all, courses through her, blinding her thoughts. Never had she once thought this day would come. The day when she would have…

One Love

From the bench I saw him on the phone, his face breaking apart with that smile, his hands gesturing wildly, his feet constantly in motion. He glances at me; I force my lips to crack a smile. He barely notices. My tears leave a silent track across my cheeks. With a haggard breath, I look…

The Empty House

She stood in front of the door, unshed tears blurring her vision. She twisted the cold knob and entered the house to deafening silence. Her footsteps echoed through the house. She walked into the kitchen, there was no food on the stove, the fridge was empty of provisions and the laundry basket was piled up high. She exited…